Warehouse Clerk
classification:Social Recruitment
Recruiting Numbers: Multiple

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the warehousing and warehouse management of raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging materials, and finished products;
2. In accordance with the "three conformance" (account, property, card conformity) to manage inventory. The shelves are arranged neatly, the signs are eye-catching, and the environment is tidy;
3. Achieve daily clearing and monthly settlement, assist the finance department in regular inventory and inspection to prevent errors;
4. Check the list according to the company's needs and release the library.

Job Requirements:
1. Male, high school degree or above;
2. Proficiency in using word, excel and other office software; relevant work experience is preferred;
3. Good health, diligent and careful, strong sense of responsibility.
Salary: Negotiable 

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