Advanced Material Engineer
classification:Social Recruitment
Recruiting Numbers:Multiple
Job Descriptions:
1.Under the guidance of the project manager, carry out product design and development related work, including patent review, material performance research, material selection and new product supplier development, etc.
2.Responsible for product risk management and non-conforming product evaluation, and provide disposal and improvement opinions from a technical perspective;
3.Responsible for instructing engineers to compile and modify technical documents and compile and review technical documents in registration documents;
4.Responsible for solving related technical problems in the production process of the product;
5.Instruct the QA Department to formulate material inspection and operating procedures, and conduct technical reviews of such materials and products;
6.Responsible for the selection and design of production and testing related facilities, equipment, and tooling;
7.Complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor. 

Applicants Requirements: 
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering such as applied chemistry, polymer materials or metal materials; Graduate degree preferred. 
2.3-5 years of medical device project experience, more than 1 year of experience in electrophysiology, neurointervention, occlusion device, vascular delivery, balloon or coronary artery project;
3.A solid theoretical foundation, good teamwork spirit and working status. 

Negotiable Salary. 

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